Backlog Feature Prioritization

This video demonstrates a walk through of a collaborative way to prioritize product backlog features. The “Prioritization Dojo”, as I like to call it in the office, has the participants creating Value Currencies, estimating those currencies across a set of features, then performing a Weighted Shortest Job First calculation to determine the backlog priority order. This is useful when starting on a new, and large set of work (Epics), evaluating

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Agile Coaching Stances

The world of agile coaching is incredibly diverse in its toolkits and approaches. An artful approach to agile coaching is knowing when to apply a specific stance in a specific circumstance. Great agile coaches will probe by asking questions and listening to the specific concerns of their client and apply the appropriate stance in that moment. When the coach steps out of the coaching stance, the provide the assistance that

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DEEP Product Backlog

The product backlog in an agile context is the list of deliverables that the team needs to complete in order to deliver value for their customer. Teams starting their agile journey may have challenges forming their backlog ‘just right’. The DEEP acronym provides some advice that helps new teams on their way and acts as a reminder for established agile teams. Detailed Appropriately The Product Owner meets with customers and

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