DEEP Product Backlog

The product backlog in an agile context is the list of deliverables that the team needs to complete in order to deliver value for their customer. Teams starting their agile journey may have challenges forming their backlog ‘just right’. The DEEP acronym provides some advice that helps new teams on their way and acts as a reminder for established agile teams. Detailed Appropriately The Product Owner meets with customers and

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Designing Better User Stories

It has been a while since I penned a post. Great User Story writing is an art. Just so I don’t fall into bad habits, a bit of therapeutic* writing can help keep my saw sharpened! Put the User at the Centre Our customer is the star of the show. They are the one we want to provide value for so we can, in most cases, send them an invoice

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Tips for High Impact Process Names

The first step in delivering a program of change is arriving at a common understanding of the terms and definitions we will use to describe the work we are trying to model. Done too fast without early conversations could have names and definitions being embedded into the code base and take years to reconcile. In this article, I will provide some guidance on naming business processes and the benefits of

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