Team Dependency Spider

team dependency spider

Problems are lurking around every corner on your team’s journey to Get Stuff Done.

Some weeks may feel like the locusts swarms have blotted out the lights or the cat herding becomes so intense your team becomes the “Crazy Cat Gang”.

By now your spidey senses are tingling. Evil impediments are afoot. With no time to lose, you case the web to catch those problems before the team drowns and another sprint gets away on you!

When a team is stuck by something outside of their control, they write the impediment on a sticky note then post it on the dependency line. ScrumMasters work with the team to identify the most urgent impediments then set out to resolve them.

Resolved impediments go on the Resolved wall board. The creates a type of “heat map” that shows where most of the impediments are originating. These are reviewed during the retrospective meeting and the team determines the best course of action to help resolve the root cause of the noisiest dependency.

If the company has a Scrum of Scrums or cross functional retrospective, then teams can bring their Dependency Spider wallboards to determine if there is a larger impediment theme that can be addressed.

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